AFGE Local 3331 is the largest bargaining unit at EPA.  We represent bargaining unit employees of the U.S. EPA at Headquarters— Federal Triangle, and Potomac Yards.

You can verify that AFGE Local 3331 represents you by looking at Item #37 on your most recent Notice of Personnel Action. If the Bargaining Unit Status (BUS) code is 1043 then you ARE in the AFGE 3331 bargaining unit.

 Bargaining Unit status is NOT determined by Union membership or payment of dues.

AFGE Local can help answer questions and provide help.  We can provide a confidential discussion and information to help you make decisions about your career and working conditions.  In some cases, you have the right to Union representation when meeting with your supervisor or the Inspector General. The Union assists bargaining unit employees to take charge of their careers, address issues confidently and with a full understanding of their rights and obligations.

AFGE Local Union Officers

Nathaniel James, President 202-566-2454
Kimberly Hickman, Vice President 202-566-0974
Ronald Wiley, Secretary 202-566-2497
Sharon Boyd, Vice-President Civil Rights 202-566-0574
Aretha Brockett, Treasurer 202-564-0911
Rachiel Durant, Chief Steward 202-564-4106
Tia Green, Sergeant-at-Arms 202-564-6333


AFGE Local Union Stewards

Dr. Bonaventure Akinlosotu 703-605-0653 OCSPP
Joseph Baily 202-564-0521 OCFO
Amanda Boone 703-347-8654 ORD
Lynda Buie 202-564-1191 OW
Joyce Coates 202-564-4951 OCSPP
Nicole Edwards 202-564-3346 ORD
Quiana Elliott 202-564-2486 OA
Sunday Eme 202-564-0662 OARM
Tayoka Hall 202-564-0963 OECA
Antoinette Johnson 703-347-8688 ORD
Linda V. Jones 703-308-8258 OCSPP
Chris Laabs 202-566-1223 OW
Beverly Leftridge 202-564-5049 OECA
Kim Marshall 703-305-0832 OEI
Kirk Marusak 202-564-4493 OARM
Kevin Myers 202-564-3112 OARM
Terria Northern 703-347-0265 OCSPP
Deborah Ottinger 202-343-9149 OAR
Adrian Powell 202-564-8657 OEI
Jim Rahai 202-564-8593 OCSPP
Dena Rawls 202-566-2754 OEI
Sandy Womack 202-564-1878 OARM